Here are some papers, organized by broad topic (click on the titles for pdf).  Many of them are published, and the drafts available below are generally pre-proofed.  Others are works in progress (comments welcomed).  And others are here only in name, since they are not ready to share.

Perception and cognition

Perceiving and Desiring-A New Look at the Cognitive Penetrability of Experience (draft)

A dilemma for modular architectures of the mind-w/ Vincent Bergeron (draft)

Cognitive penetrability and the activity of perception (in preparation)

On the mistake of the imagery debate (in preparation)


A metaphysics of creativity (appears in New Waves in Aesthetics. Ed. K. Stock and K. Thomson Jones. Palgrave. 2008)

Evolutionary Robotics and Creative Constraints -w/ Jon Bird (appears in Beyond the Brain: Embodied, Situated and Distributed Cognition. Ed. B. Hardy-Vallée and N. Payette. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2008)

Incubated Cognition and Creativity (appears in Journal of Consciousness Studies 14: 83-100. 2007)

An Ontology of Minimal Creativity (draft)

Minimally Creative Thought (draft)

Minimal Creativity, Evaluation, and Fractal Discrimination-w/ J. Bird (appears in Proceedings of the 4th International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity.  Ed. A. Cardoso and G. Wiggins. 2007)

Evolving Minimally Creative Robots- w/ J. Bird (appears in Proceedings of The 3rd Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Ed.  S. Colton and A. Pease. 1-5. 2006)


The Evaluative Character of Imaginative Resistance (appears in British Journal of Aesthetics 46: 347-405. 2006)

Art and Modal Knowledge (appears in Knowing Art: Essays in Epistemology and Aesthetics.  Ed. M. Kieran and D. Lopes. Springer Press. 2006)

The Role of Imagination in Creative Cognition (in preparation; to appear in E. Paul and S.B. Kaufman (eds) The Philosophy of Creativity)

Cognitive science and aesthetics

Aesthetics and Cognitive Science (appears in Philosophy Compass 4: 715-33. 2009)

Aesthetics and Cognitive Science-w/ A. Coplan (in preparation; commissioned for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Cognitive science, artificial life, and robotics

Autonomy, Novelty, and Design: The Epistemology of Artificial Life Modeling-w/ J. Bird (in preparation)


Review of Seeing, Doing, and Knowing by Mohan Matthen (appears in British Journal of Aesthetics 3:

46: 323-5. 2006)

Review of Recreative Minds by Gregory Currie and Ian Ravenscroft (appears in  Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism  62: 406-7. 2004)